Can you be stylish at 50?

Today I met Mel O’Brien the organizer of the 360 Fashion Market. This bespoke market supports sellers whose goods are ethically produced or pre-loved, vintage or up-cycled.

It was a pleasure to wander through the historic Fitters’ Workshop at Kingston and chat to stallholders.

Bianca Pavlic – The Label

The youngest maker I encountered was Bianca Pavlic. She’s studying fashion design and has created her own range, aptly called ‘The Label’.

While most other clothes on offer were outer-wear, Bianca produces lacy intimates. These delicate flimsies can be worn layered under a dress or blouse. More statement pieces than a sensible bra.

Bianca makes her pieces from  her off-cuts box and sustainably sources fabric. You can find Bianca on her label’s facebook page.

Divesting ties

I also met a middle-aged public servant who was divesting himself of hundreds of ties and colourful shirts. My partner, came away with a pre-loved blue and white shirt bedecked with surf boards, stylized turtles and hibiscus flowers.

Perfect attire for his return to surfing.

Australian Fashion Report

A great find was a guide to Ethical Fashion published by Baptist World Aid Australia. Their 2016 Australian Fashion Report report investigated

“what the industry and individual companies are doing to address forced labour, child labour and exploitation.”


Favourite find

However, my favourite find,  was not clothes, shoes or jewellery. But  fabrics impregnated with beeswax. These are a great substitute to cover food in bowls instead of using plastic wrap.

Thrilled with the find, I bought four.

Two in medium and two in small. I was Janet’s first customer for the day and summarily got a hug.

Have you ever got a hug from a sales person in a mall or large department store? I think not.

Style, whatever your age

I also met a stylish older women, Megan, who agreed to be photographed. Two of the linen pieces she was wearing came from Material Pleasures – one of my favourite shops. The layered skirt and loose jacket in kahki hues looked great with a simple black top and vibrant necklace from Sydney.

Style has nothing to do with age. And little to do with available cash. Pre-loved style rocks.

I loved  my visit to the 360 fashion market.The sellers can tell you the story behind each garment or a piece of jewellery. Although I can’t wear my bees wax covers I’ll always remember the hug from Janet!

Visiting a 360 gig is a far richer experience than visiting a mall.



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